Full flavored premium beers, that people like to drink, and we like to brew and share.


The Guanacaste region allows us to brew styles of beers with flavor profiles inspired by the climate, the places, the gastronomy of the region, including seasonal and year-round tropical fruits. Each of our beers has a unique flavor profile, with a clean and refreshing body.

We offer our flagship beers in cans and on draught, and will have other traditional style, experimental, seasonal, and collaborative beers in our tap room locations in Liberia.

Bronze Medal —- August 2019

Bronze Medal —- August 2019


Kölsch — 4.5% ABV

Beer with a light golden color, a very soft and subtle maltiness, with an addition of noble German hops. Subtle fruit notes round this delicious and drinkable beer. As Florian Klemp writes “A study of the sublime, a delicious minimalism”.

The name of Liberia is formed by the root of the Latin "Liber" and the suffix "ia" gives the meaning of "Land of freedom". The name Liberiana is a tribute to the city where the brewery is located, which is also known as "The White City", hence the color of the can we chose for this beer.

We all have that desire for adventure inside us. In Numu Brewing we want Liberiana to awaken that desire for adventure. Take it camping, hiking on the beach or a mountain, rafting, ziplining, biking or jumping from many of the river canyons.

Bronze Medal - February 2019

Bronze Medal - February 2019

Bronze Medal ———— July 2019

Bronze Medal ———— July 2019

Gold Medal ——————————-- July 2019

Gold Medal ——————————-- July 2019


Saison — 5.0% ABV

Golden in color, with a spicy aroma, fresh and fruity herbal flavor, and a light dry body. A dazzling delicacy. "A style that delicately persuades with an unequaled subtlety of the complex, the exotic and the rustic"

To think about the “Sabanero”, is to consider one of the most emblematic symbols of Guanacaste culture. At Numu Brewing, our beer, Sabanero Saison, is a tribute to this character. Social and happy, but at the same time possessing a tenacity which he imprints every day in his work and his life.

After a long day of work, under the setting sun, there is nothing more refreshing than drinking a Sabanero under the shadow of the tree, a waterfall of cool water, or a plunge into the blue sea of a white beach.



American India Pale Ale — 6% ABV

Refreshing and with a character as deep as the culture from which its name precedes. Intense golden color; complex citrusy aromas. With a characteristic flavor of hops and hints of tropical fruits. A medium body, and a balanced aftertaste. "To drink an India Pale Ale style, is to taste a whole symphony of aromas and flavors, it is a journey into the past to find the future"

The Chorotega were inhabitants of the Guanacaste area prior to the arrival of the Spaniards. Today their legacy still persists in the inhabitants of the region through ceramics, food, musical instruments.

It is precisely this cultural, gastronomic and social legacy that has caused the region to be recognized as one of only 5 so-called "Blue Zones" in the world, “Their longevity secret lies partly in their strong faith communities, deep social networks, and habits of regular, low-intensity physical activity.”